If you are residing in Brisbane, your home and locality is prone to some of the most severe pest species including bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, spiders, creepy crawlers, fire ants, biting midges etc. While everyone is habituated in dealing with the common house ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders, the major pest attacks caused by termites, yellow crazy ants, meat ants, sugar ants, green head ants and funnel ants can be severe challenges for household and commercial premises. When you are in need of reliable company for pest control EPM is your one stop destination to call for services that produce effecting and lasting results.

Our Mission

The EPM pest control team is committed to extend support and best of services to the customers in need of pest and insect mitigation employing safest methods. Conducting our work in domestic, industrial and commercial complexes, we focus on delivering services to the best quality standards to achieve success in bestowing healthy living environment.

Non-Chemical Pest Treatment

EPM offers the best non-chemical pest treatment solutions as a measure to keeping your premises free from the presence of toxic chemicals that are hazardous for the kids and allergic people. If you are intolerant to chemicals, we can guarantee highly effective pest control that produces fine results without using harmful pesticides.

Annual Termite Inspection is Vital for Every Household

Throughout tenure of our working with the pest treatments, we have found that majority of homes require annual treatment for termites pest control Brisbane. In case of pest attacks, some early measures are worthy to prevent hefty losses and problems. We highly recommend annual termite inspection in all types of building including homes, resorts, motels, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings as a safety measure for protecting your property and health.

Note: Winters are crucial for the pest monitoring in your property. During the warm climatic conditions, insects and pests tend to leave their holes or nests crawling on the visible grounds. During the cold chilling weathers, the pests generally reside in the holes and cracks in the walls, floors and other areas often left unnoticed.

EPM professionals have huge experience in dealing with the hidden pests and the necessary alleviation methods. We have in-depth knowledge of different types of pests that may be residing or invading your property and its premises. Our practice framework incorporates the key principles of Integrated Pest Management. Based on the type of pests, our professionals employ methods including baiting systems, pesticide treatment and finally residual treatment to ensure safety and health. We are fully insured and licensed pest control company offering services Brisbane and adjacent areas.

Why Choose EPM Pest Control Services?

  • Reputed pest control company with 12 years of excellent track record
  • Highly skilled pest control technicians and support staff
  • Integrated pest management system using safe and non-chemical pesticides
  • Advanced pest servicing techniques and equipments
  • High-end knowledge on different pest species and the proper extermination methods
  • Acquaintance with latest pest trends and safe infestation control measures
  • Best competitive rates and ethical pricing policies
  • Quick appointments and prompt response to the customers’ queries
  • Fully insured and licensed  brisbane pest control company

Do not wait for pests to lead serious consequences, call us today for an early termite inspection and non-chemical treatment conducted by professionals. We offer competitively priced pest prevention & extermination services. Call us on 1300 396 077 for a quick quote.